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Scholarship and Attestation Application
(Third prize winner of Higher Education and Scientific Research Smart Applications Award)


Sohailah Makhmasi
Rana Azzam
Muhra Mohammed
Hussam Mohsineh

Under the guidance of:

Jamal Zemerly
Jason Ng (EBTIC)
Kin Poo (EBTIC)

The project was developed to provide two primary services which are:

– Provide information about scholarships and grants.

– Provide information about attested programs and educational institutions in the country.

For the first service, the application provides users with the necessary information to apply for a grant or scholarship from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research such as the necessary conditions that should be met by interested students, schools, universities and employees interested in higher education. The application also provides a list of countries and programs which the ministry offers scholarships for. Through the same application, which is interactive and user-friendly, users can fill a form with their necessary information in addition to attaching necessary documents directly from their smart phone. The application also allows users to follow-up on their registration process from submitting the information until the announcement of the results. To facilitate communication between users and the customer service staff at the ministry, the application provides instant messaging service which allows ministry representatives to reply to any queries for users which they will have during the process. Users can also evaluate the ministry services through the Express Your Opinion and Suggestions sections to assist the ministry in measuring the quality of service and enhancing it.

The second service provides information about attested programs and educational institutions in the country that users might be interested in. This service will allow users to identify accredited educational institutions through various photo recognition technology where a user can take a photo of the educational institution logo using a smartphone, the application will then direct the user to the necessary information and official videos of the educational institution.

The application is targeted to all students interested in higher education for a Bachelors’ degree, a Master’s Degree or a doctorate in any of the disciplines listed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. It also aims to identify and raise awareness about accredited academic institutions and programs in the country. In addition, the instant messaging service offered in the application is a beneficial communication tool for users to know more about the scholarships program and academic institutions in the country and any other enquiries about the ministry’s services. Finally, the Express Your Opinion and Suggestions sections will allow Ministry staff to take advantage of users evaluations and suggestions to improve the quality of service of the ministry.